Lighting Technology

Magical, inviting, moving: lighting as an effect

There is rarely a design element that brings more atmosphere: with professional lighting technology, let optical highlights come to the fore, turn function rooms into exciting social areas or boldly make objects the centre of attention.

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Sound Technology

Make the best noise

To assure you properly understand: a good noise is pivotal to determining the listening experience. Anyone can be loud, but a successful event should be aiming to be heard in the very last row. Our sound technology takes care of that! 

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Media Technology

Multimedia shows for visual statements

To give your presentation or events that final polish: modern media technology produces images which really capture the imagination of your audience and stay fixed in their minds. Videos, pictures and animations can be shown on surfaces of up to 300m².


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Show Laser

The finest laser shows

Whether indoor or outdoor, party, celebration, fair, gala or open-air event, a Discotec Laser Show will turn your event into an unforgettable experience. Projections of your company logo, animations and certain graphics are all inclusive!

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CO2 Effects

New: 8m high smoke columns

A fully new spectacle in visual entertainment: with CO2 effects, smoke columns are shot high up in the room, before immediately disappearing. The audience are as stunned as they are excited – a guaranteed buzz at any event.

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Water Games

Water applied magically

When in the context of the event industry, the element of water, with its unrestrained power and dynamism truly captures the imagination. Whether in mobile pools or fixed water features, we can turn your desires into reality! 

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Pyro Technology

Special effects in the night sky

Dramatic fireworks fully bring out our emotions, and as such are often the highlight of the evening. Thanks to modern Pyro technology, your event can receive a very individualised, characterful touch – from a small wedding to major shows! 

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Foam Machines

For the deluxe foam parties… 

Everyone that’s ever been to one says the same thing: foam parties are incredibly fun and the cool trend among young people right now. Whether indoor or outdoor, high performance is guaranteed. What’s more, our foam fluid has been dermatologically tested! 

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Marquee Systems

Marquee rental for demanding events

Modern marquee systems take the weather-factor out of your event and create a homely atmosphere. If ever unusual locations or special circumstances offer the opportunity for a celebration, marquees can be the answer – whether for company functions, fairs or weddings.

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Partyservice mit besten Gastgeber-Qualitäten

Welche Getränke bevorzugen Ihre Gäste? Wie steht es mit der Mengenplanung? Gibt es Trendgetränke im alkoholischen wie nichtalkoholischen Bereich, die einfach sein müssen? Verlassen Sie sich auch hier auf das umfangreiche Sortiment eines Profis!



Live productions with water

Like a curtain of water: water screens create surfaces through a fully unique and dynamic charm. Indoor or outdoor, water screens can be the ideal width for projection screens, room-dividers or as freestanding constructions.

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LED Impressions

Light, with many design possibilities

Daring LED lighting for fascinating presentation: our lamps and illuminations come in every manner you could think of and create the ideal lighting for a variety of purposes, generating a true buzz in the atmosphere.

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